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The following free tips and articles are provided to help you learn more about buying and selling commercial real estate.

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Investing in Multifamily

Although recent media attention has focused on the ups and downs of single-family residential housing, last year's biggest real estate deal—in fact the world's biggest real estate deal to date—actually took place in the multifamily sector.

Tishman Speyer offered MetLife $5.4 billion for Manhattan's Stuyvesant Town—an 11,000-unit, 110-building multifamily complex housing about 25,000 people. Read full article >>


Nashville Commercial Real Estate Market Report

Sitting in a high-rise office suite overlooking his native city, a prominent Memphis lawyer said this past summer: "Man, I used to drive to Nashville decades ago, and there was nothing there. Now, it’s like the Emerald City." The state's capital might have a lot more work to do in order to truly merit such a parallel, but there’s no denying that the city doesn't look bad from surrounding interstates, especially in good weather. And these good looks are due in large part to the efforts of Nashville’s commercial real estate folks. Read full article >>


10 Things Every Buyer Needs -- To Close A Commercial Real Estate Loan

There are at least 10 things every buyer of commercial real estate needs to get from its seller to be able to obtain and close a commercial real estate loan. This article highlights the 10 most common documents needed, and discusses the need for the buyer -- borrower to reasonably anticipate what closing costs it will be required to pay. Read full article >>

"We are so pleased with our new investment, and credit Anthony with making this potentially complicated and stressful decision a smooth process. Well done!"

"We would like to say "Thank You" for all your hard work and dedication in assisting us in commercial real estate. We had some specific must-haves, and you worked diligently in finding properties with those features, while constantly updating us with new properties.

Despite the fact that we weren't planning on moving for several months when we first met Anthony, he worked hard to familiarize us with the market, and educate us on the best way to handle investment property.

We are so pleased with our new investment, and credit Anthony with making this potentially complicated and stressful decision a smooth process. Well done!"

Alex and Karen Byers
Atlanta, Georgia


Finding Value In Vacant Properties

Despite its run-down exterior, the 125-year-old brick property located at Kingston, N.Y.'s busiest intersection evokes many fond memories. "Depending upon who you ask in town, it's the old Chevy dealership, a pool hall, an Army/Navy recruiting office... but I remember it as a dance club when I was growing up," says Joe Deegan, CCIM, principal broker of Deegan-Sanglyn Commercial Real Estate. The disco proved to be the property's last dance: It sat virtually dormant for two decades. Read full article >>


Assessing Risk

In the commercial real estate investment context, risk is anything that creates volatility in a property or portfolio's expected or actual returns. In addition to analyzing returns and running cash-flow projections, the most astute investors effectively understand risk analysis and management. Read full article >>


Investing Worldwide

Commercial real estate professionals who do most of their business in the U.S. often focus on the local rather than the international picture. Yet in today's fast-globalizing economy, that may be a short-sighted stance to take. In the last 10 years, the world has become a much smaller place and U.S. real estate markets already are affected. Read full article >>


Five Ways to Increase the Value of Your Commercial Real Estate Property

If you are thinking about purchasing commercial real estate, it's important to know that there are things that you can do to enhance and increase the value of your investment. As such, when you search for a commercial property, look at the property's potential in addition to its historical data. Read full article >>


Leasing Lessons

Analyzing commercial real estate leases in today's rapidly changing marketplace is a daunting task. But if performed properly, this process can have a very important economic impact on landlords, owners, and investors. While there are numerous ways to analyze leases, breaking down the investment into several variables is the most effective. Upon reassembling the pieces, commercial real estate pros often can make a prudent decision. Read full article >>


Investing in Commercial Property

Disappointing equity market results and pension industry issues have led to widespread interest amongst individuals wishing to invest in the commercial property market. Read full article >>


How To Get Commercial Real Estate Investment Money

Booming commercial property markets and emerging economies are potential goldmines for commercial property investors. This article reveals the secrets of how to get funding for your project. Read full article >>


Commercial Real Estate -- 3 Benefits to Investing

Buying commercial real estate can be a big step; there are some great benefits to getting into commercial real estate. By investing in properties other than single-family homes and residential properties, you give yourself the option to own such properties as apartment buildings and office space. Read full article >>

"I have enjoyed working with you and look forward to working with you to expand by real estate portfolio."

"I can't thank you enough for all you have done to help me with 1031 exchange, especially with my difficult schedule. I have enjoyed working with you and look forward to working with you to expand by real estate portfolio. Thanks again!"

Terri Long
San Jose, California


Understanding Real Estate Letters-of-Intent

Letters of intent are used often in commercial real estate transactions to bridge preliminary discussions and the execution of a final contract or lease. Read full article >>


Commercial Real Estate Profits -- Why Investors Should Be Looking At Multi-Units

The real estate market has proven to be a very volatile animal lately. Many investors are realizing that there are profits to be made in Commercial Real Estate Investments. Multi-units are all the rage! Read full article >>



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